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P.A.C.E.S. stands for Production of Artisanal Crafts for Empowerment of Society. Our mission is to produce exclusive & western designed handicrafts in a fair way and with the generated profits finance support-programs for vulnerable children in India.

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In the first place, we are a fair-trade workplace of handmade textiles in Ranchi where underprivileged women are trained and employed. In Jharkhand thousands of girls are trafficked each year. We believe that by offering a decent job these women will less probably emigrate to the big cities in search of a better destiny where they often end up in situations of abuse or extreme poverty. By paying them fair wages we hope to enable future generations the chance for improved education and livelihood.

As a social company, Paces Crafts aims to double it’s impact by investing all profits made in social projects that protect vulnerable children in need. Like this our artisans are not only empowering themselves and their families. They share their wins and invest in a better future for their own society.  





Paces Crafts is founded by the Belgian non profit organisation Solid.

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Solid puts people in the South on track to take their lives in their own hands and to make help, on term, unnecessary. Solid does this with hybrid organizations: sustainable joint ventures of responsible commercial entities and social organizations.

Solid Crafts is a subdivision of Solid. It establishes and guides sustainable handicraft workplaces where disadvantaged people can be employed in an honest way and where the focus is on highly qualitative materials and authentic handicrafts. Solid Crafts searches for conscious brands and retailers and organizes for them the customized production of highly qualitative and artisanal products by the Solid crafts workplaces. 

The profit generated by these activities is invested by Solid crafts in social projects: the assistance of teenage mothers, support to refugee and abused children … with specific attention to personal social development and awareness of one’s own strength.           A win-win story that is beneficial to everyone!


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Paces crafts produces exclusive handmade textiles for the export market. We develop custom made collections of conscious designers and sustainable brands abroad. This interesting meeting between international design and traditional textile techniques prevents hand craft skills from dyeing.  With the help, technical input and marketing support from our Belgian founder SOLID we are helping communities to empower their entire society and to keep local craftsmanship alive.

We mainly produce hand knitted and handwoven fashion and homeware products. But we also collaborate with local partners for hand printing, hand dyeing, embroidery, finishing, garmenting and other textile techniques.

All our raw materials are sourced from a sustainable point of view. We try to be good to people and planet and therefore all our yarns are animal friendly, organic, natural or recycled. We offer a wide range of high quality handmade textiles to meet our clients’ requirements: Handwoven recycled sari rugs, Peace silk summer scarves, Hand knitted woolen mittens and beanies, Organic cotton tableware, warm woolen winter blankets, hand knitted peace silk sweaters, handwoven home wear and fabrics by the meter.